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Collective Mezzo

A conversation between the designer and space that will be materialized into a masterpiece.
The Collective Mezzo arises from the singular points of view of each designer and the spaces: the designs are conceived based on each interior creating an extension of those spaces.
Taking into consideration that each room is seen through the eyes of a person with a unique interpretation, the masterpieces that will be created have the purpose to offer the vision of its creator about interior design, spaces, and the life in them.
By revisiting the 60s irreverence on the interior design through generous shapes, vibrant colors and expansive designs, the Collective Mezzo will approach provocative and creative forms that will blend harmoniously with other pieces.
The result is a series of designs that intend to explore the potential of each interior, bringing out the exuberance of a vibrant decade with multiple interpretations.
The Collective Mezzo is for those who appreciate creativity and look for statement designs.