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Dining tables are one of the most ancient and basic forms of furniture that exists and people have spent precious time dining on them for years.
Traditional dining tables were composed of a mixture of different materials made up of marble, wood, or metal. However, over the years things have changed. Now, dining tables are available in different materials, shapes, heights, weights, sizes, and styles. Some dining tables have higher surfaces that call for specialized seating which can be accommodated with the assistance of stools and high chairs

Mulligan Dining Table 
Delicate yet powerful, the Mulligan’s design is notable for its dazzling little details. The geometric foot covered by an edgy paneling contrast with the luxury marble hues on the tabletop. The Mulligan dining table is a light approach to the mid-century style, bringing in a fresh look to any modern design. As Mulligan revolutionized jazz music, this dining table is a versatile piece able to transform any space into a harmonious and stylish one.

Gordon Dining Table 
Inspired in the saxophonist Dexter Gordon, the Gordon dining table will revive the vintage standards in any ambiance. The table foot reminds us of the music vibrations of the mid-century era. Made of lacquered wood, with gold plated brass details and marble on the tabletop, this table exudes elegance in any dining room.

Kirk Dining Table 
Embodying the eccentric personality of the musician Rahsaan Kirk in its design, the Kirk dining table will be an eye-catcher in any dining room. Its strong presence, exalted by the beautiful tile effect that composes the sturdy design of the table’s foot, will not be ignored. Kirk’s superb details give it the exact luxurious touch that any design needs. This dining table will get its position in the mid-century modern design, as Kirk earned his place among the world’s best jazz saxophonists.
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